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Boneyard Beach Cafe

 The Boneyard Beach Café breaks all expectations one might have concerning a "food stand" at the beach.   I have visited most every major beach along California's fine shores, and this is the first time I have partaken in near gourmet offerings from a beach stand. 

Mr. G's Bistro

 Step into a time warp, and you have discovered the neighborhood restaurant where lingering is expected. All food is made from scratch with the utmost care and artistry, including their noodles, so there will be a bit of a wait for your delicacy, but for the discerning palate Mr. G's delivers.

The Orgtega Highway

 The Ortega Highway is an elegant serpentine single lane road that weaves its way through a vast swath of the Cleveland National Forest which separates Southern Orange County from Lake Elsinore and the desert beyond.

Capistrano Winery

 Rancho Capistrano Winery on a Sunday afternoon is a Southern California delight, especially the little cul-de-sac near the railroad station. Live music flows from  wine bars, restaurants and dive bars, but the best seat in the town must go to Rancho Capistrano Winery. 

Super King Markets

 What? Gargantuan perfect pineapples only $1.99 each? Unheard of. Hmmm. Three pounds of bananas for a $1.00? Three bushy bunches of Kale for 99 cents? Finally, some decent-looking green beans at 69 cents a pound. I suddenly remembered why I first hunted out this place. 

American Legion - Newport Harbor

 For the view, the serenity and the friendly people I would give this place five stars. Nothing like a gentle breeze brushing through your hair as you gaze past teetering masts to watch the silent parade of stately sailboats glide by.  

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