Newport's American Legion Offers up the best of all worlds

Vets and their families can enjoy exquisite views, easy comradery, and exciting times at Post 291.

If you are not a member, I suggest for you to find one to invite you into this special American Legion Post poised on the shore of the Newport Marina. 

For the view, the serenity and the friendly people I would give this place five stars. Nothing like a gentle breeze brushing through your hair as you gaze past teetering masts to watch the silent parade of stately sailboats glide by. 

Since this is a club for veterans and their offspring, you can quickly get to know people. Impromptu conversations are common. In fact, we were offered a spot on a little jaunt out past Crystal Cove with a gentleman who kept his sailboat docked right beyond our table. We weren't dressed for the occasion, so we declined, but reminded ourselves to always pack some sailing gear whenever we returned. 

On the whole, this is a more mature crowd, although the day we visited the clientele ranged from 3 to 83 because there was a wedding going on at the back half of the broad deck. There are many events that occur here: dinners are hosted in the large event room and bands play here frequently.

On holidays, the guest band sets up outside, and the American Legion hosts a full-on buffet for a very nominal price. Guests dance in the semi-shade and have a great time!

The food on the menu is also very reasonably priced, although service might not be stellar, as some other Yelpers mentioned. 

Truly, I have almost never tasted a better burger than here. All you do is purchase your thick raw patty from the bar for a little over $5, then go outside to the barbecues to cook it up yourself. 

Considering the cozy atmosphere, marina views,  and the easy freedom to be had here, I would say this is a must-go spot if you are an American Legion member or you know someone who is. 

You are definitely not going to be shooed away from your table at any time. Stay there as long as you like, with a view most people would die for, and make some new friends if you are so inclined. Everyone is extremely friendly!


This is one of the most active American Legion posts I have ever visited. Perhaps its proximity to the marina has made this a go-to post for veterans and their families. 

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