Capital Seafood makes a forray into upscale irvine

A favorite amongst experienced Chinese diners, Capital Seafood goes elegant while moderating spices

Capital Seafood, for the dim sum, is hard to beat. However, we were feeling adventerous and decided to lean out of the retaurant's go-to favorites.

A few of my fellow reviewers hail from various regions of China and are very familiar with the heavily saturated Chinese epicenter in Monterey Park where Capital Seafood had its first restaurant.

Let me start by saying that Capital Seafood's new branch is quite elegant for a Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum. Or for anya restaurant, really. 

However, in our sampling of a traditional assortment of Dim Sum, along with a serving of BBQ Pork and Glazed Shrimp, this Capital Seafood lacks the unique spices or down-to-earth cooking practices of "the real thing." 

Although frequented by primarily Chinese clients, and staffed with waiters with the same direct demeanor (non-Chinese call it rudeness), offerings here are obviously moderated to suit an American palate. 

Being that they are not positioned in a Chinese-only areaa, and have a massive amount of tables to fill, this is understandable.

So, if you are not  greatly familiar with Chinese food, or you appreciate the Americanization of exotic dishes (which I do when the going gets really wild!), this could be an excellent starting place for you. The opolence of the restaurant is impressive, and the design is ingenious.

As is typical for some Irvine off-shoots, prices run about 33% more expensive, but Capital Seafood will not break your bank. It is just that in the "Inland Empirte heartland" true dim sum can be enjoyed for $4.98 an order, where here the average price hovers around $6.98.

Still, they are packed, and this is a well-known dim sum brand. With this in mind you be the judge. 

The Low-Down

We have long been fans of Capital Seafood since its inception. We're going to include the restaurants newest site in our list of "Best Places" as we wait for them to fine-tune in an entirely new multi-cultural demography.

Top-notch dim sum is still their forte. We suggest go for this!

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