casual dining

Boneyard Beach Cafe

 The Boneyard Beach Café, poised over the white beaches and surfboard dotted waves of Doheny State Beach breaks all expectations one might have concerning a food stand at the beach.  

Puesto - Park Place

 Puesto-Park Place is a taco stand taken ultra-upscale. Nestled into a cosmopolitan corner of Irvine's financial district, Puesto perches itself on a corner of flashy cars and perusing upscale diners, dressed down - of course - because this is "only a taco place." Or not.

Haidilao Hot Pot

 This restaurant caters to younger, well-heeled Chinese immigrants, although you can find some older folks (like me), and a few non-Chinese dotting the crisp, clean, marbled tables.  

El Cholo

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Capital Seafood

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Rancho Capistrano Winery

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