California casual dining takes on an artistic edge

Boneyard Beach Cafe


 The Boneyard Beach Café, poised over the white beaches and surfboard dotted waves of Doheny State Beach breaks all expectations one might have concerning a food stand at the beach.  


Puesto - Park Place


 Puesto-Park Place is a taco stand taken ultra-upscale. Nestled into a cosmopolitan corner of Irvine's financial district, Puesto perches itself on a corner of flashy cars and perusing upscale diners, dressed down - of course - because this is "only a taco place." Or not.

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Haidilao Hot Pot


 This restaurant caters to younger, well-heeled Chinese immigrants, although you can find some older folks (like me), and a few non-Chinese dotting the crisp, clean, marbled tables.  

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