What are the the best dance clubs in in orange county?

Time Nightclub & Shark Club Lead the Pack

Not only have we been there, but we have scoured the pages of the internet to see what both attendees and critics have to say about "the best dance clubs in Orange County."


Time Nightclub

Costa Mesa

For you young, hip and restless, Time Nightclub comes in as a big winner on most people's lists.


Time Nightclub is a relatively recent creation of the highly successful Sutra Lounge. Sutra began as a restaurant and transitioned into a go-to dance club that was highly popular. However, the space was never quite appropriate for the vision Sutra's owners had for the "ultimate dance club."

They closed their doors and reopened in new location at The Triangle in Costa Mesa, a sleek conglomoration of restaurants, Niketown, and a modern movie theater just off the 55 freeway.

Like Sutra before who hosted such guest artists as Ludacris, Lil' John, Vanilla Ice, LMFAO, Time Nightclub is doing the same but bigger and better.


The designers worked with the space they had to dictate their creation. The lines of the club are sleek and bold. Some highlights of the decor are floor-to-ceiling wood logs rising before the ladies room. A montrous rose mirror amplifies the bar, and oversized zebra prints imprint another wall. 

This is a beautiful act of whimsy and functionality. 

Building on the Sutra experience, Time houses a state-of-the-art Funktion One sound system and a light show that will dazzle you. Fans say they play great music all of the time, and the sense of immersion is an hypnotic experience. Give it a go!

Shark Club

Costa Mesa, CA

Another "20 & 30 Something" favorite is Shark Club. This lively venue features a number of excellent live artists also. They have 5 bars, three pool tables, and a 20 foot high fireplace that draws crowds out to the patio. And, of course, no club named Shark Club would be complete without a 2,000 gallon aquarium home to a real live shark!

Hyped-up Clubs to Come...


The Commisary

More Clubs to Come!


We haven't forgotten about you jazz fans, country fans, and over 40's fans, or you dancers who seek an ethnic bent in these "dance hall days."

We'll be offering up our best suggestions in the next few weeks. So, stay tuned!

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