EMC Brunch Leads the Seafood Bunch!


Not yet our crowned King of seafood brunches, but EMC is definitely a contender. 

If you are a Seafood aficionado, and want all the goodies like salmon, oysters, clams, mussels, sushi, king crab legs, etc. Just accept the fact that you will be paying $55.00 and up for your extravagance. However, you probably do realize that after two trips to the brunch bar you are by far getting your money’s worth.

After checking all of the Breakfast Brunches offered in a 10 mile radius around Irvine, we opted for EMC Seafood for a Sunday birthday special. Our seafood foodies in attendance were not disappointed! 

We did have a colleague who is not a big seafood fan, and this is where you should pass on EMC. The seafood options are fresh, broad and lavish, while non-seafood offerings can be found in much more abundance in the slew of $29 brunches blooming and booming throughout Orange County.

But for all-you-can-eat seafood, just look at this line-up: 

  • Blue crab already cracked, wrapped in a crispy seaweed roll.
  • Sushi variations such as salmon roe wrapped in rice topped with tuna.
  • Fresh and large snow crab halves.
  • Raw halved scallops perched in their shells.
  • Steamed mussels (small and tender).
  • Steamed clams (once again petite without the rubbery sensation of many cheaper offerings).
  • Jumbo Shrimp, peeled with only the tail on, firm and sweet. (And actually Jumbo!)
  • Most importantly, we will have to commend EMC for the freshness and quality of their seafood offerings:

And now my favorite: 

Oysters on the half shell. These are softer-shelled and more petite than your average East Coast or Northeastern oyster. Our host explained to me that the owner of EMC has a nice connection down in Baha who offers him an abundance of oysters at a price that can’t be beat.

During regular dining hours, EMC offers a dozen oysters for $33 - about the going rate at most local restaurants. So, if you can save your craving for oysters for a Saturday or Sunday you will be surely satisfied. 

Also, EMC has a Happy Hour where people can purchase $1 oysters, which is a definite winner as well.

As far as ambience is concerned, EMC in Irvine is ultra-modern with 30 foot high ceilings wrapped in glass, with lean, clean furnishings. The only drawback to these tall ceilings is that if people are speaking loudly, you WILL hear it!

Thank God we were not sat by the risen bar area, because a party of 30 “Twenty-Somethngs” took the bottomless mimosas seriously and were eventually standing and shouting at dance club decibels by 3 PM closing time. The tall ceilings simply amplified the noise, acting like a megaphone. I’d watch out for this, because if this is allowed to occur frequently your dining experience will be severely compromised. We didn't see any General Managers attempting to contain the over-exhuberance of their bar-side guests.


EMC's happy hour is also a contender for best happy hour.

Check out their website to find out the details. 

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