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It appears that every reviewer, both pro and populist (Yelp, Google+, TripAdvisor, etc.) has missed the essence of this one-of-a-kind fast food joint. Clearly this is the case of "not being able to see the forest for the trees." 

Reviewers are so caught up on reviewing the miniscule to step back - like the photo above demonstrates - to realize that this is THE ONLY fast food dining spot perched on one of the most beautiul seaside cliffs in the world.:

The Shake Shack.

This has been a mainstay in Newport for @ half a century. Sometime along the way Ruby's must have given them "an offer they couldn't refuse." In the 80's, when I was but a wee lad, it was hardly inhabited. No problems with parking, in need of a paint job, etc. But that kept the people away. 

Well, we're glad Yelpers will circumvent this one. But, for our fine readers, we are letting you in on the secret! Every item you order here will be on par with some of the best fast food in existence. 

One Yelp reviewer, for example, said the burgers here are on par with In-N-Out, no better. She was using this as a negative example of the burgers. Last time I checked, In-N-Out burgers have been consistently rated as one of the  fast food burgers in the nation. 

For the health conscious or those who want a sandwhich twist there are options for you as well. 

Without  saying the shakes are great!

And, no one is there to rush you off your seat perched by the ocean's edge. Take your time. Watch the sun dip down behind the historic bungalows of Crystal Cove below. Yes, parking can be a tad difficult during weekends or holidays, but if you own a state park pass, just park across the street. 

Even on these crowded days I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes, and that is much faster than most In-N-Out lines.

Now, only share this fast food twist with those who are truly your friends. This is the last of "old school" California in an area that is quickly becoming riddled with mega-mansions.

The Big Picture & Short Story

It's the View, Stupid!

This is the last of the Southern California burger joints perched on above historic Crystal Cove, looking out across one of the most lauded views of Southern Califonia!

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Scoring the populist writing crowds on this one: 

TripAdvisor  - 1 point. 

Yelp - 0 points. 

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