Super King Maket Scores with Inexpensive fresh foods

A vast selection of international foods reflects the multitudinous cultures that create Greater LA

I recently returned to my old artsy stomping grounds on the border of Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, California. My adult daughter, who still lives in the area, was on the down side of a cold and had recently become a vegan. She said she hadn't the energy to shop for a while and her refrigerator was almost bare. She was longing for some healthy food. I didn't think twice. Off I drove to Super King.

A year absence can sometimes bring new eyes to a weekly ritual. Such was the case here. The pleasantly air conditioned aisles yawned wide and spacious and spotlessly clean. 

What? Gargantuan perfect pineapples only $1.99 each? Unheard of. Hmmm. Three pounds of bananas for a dollar? Three bushy bunches of Kale for 99 cents? Finally, some decent-looking green beans at 69 cents a pound. I suddenly remembered why I first hunted out this place. One of my friends told me the prices on fruits and vegetables here could not be beat, and their condition could rival any Sprouts or Whole Foods. 

Bonanza. This supermarket had seen me through my green juice craze into my alternative vegan years and had left plenty of money in my wallet.

Granted, the deals change by the seasons, but the shelves are always stocked and everything moves quickly due an abundance of loyal customers.

The echoing languages here sound like a meeting of the United Nations: Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Urdu, Korean, Arabic, Farsi - and, of course - English. Customers are friendly and polite with each other as well. 

Another unique plus about Super King is that it caters to a wide array of international palates. Where in some mainstream stores there is one minor section saved for "International Foods," this entire store caters to LA's highly international scene.

 Who could know there were so many different types of rice? Or olive oils. How do you eat a durian, or cook nopales (cactus leaves)? What a plethora of dates!

Turning toward the cashier, I immediately vowed to drive what ever distance it takes to find a Super King near me. Thank God they are positioning themselves in other key intesections of cultures throughout Greater LA!

Downside: The parking lot can be very full sometimes, the aisles crowded, or the cash register lines long. However, I go on Friday which appears to be one of their calm days! Also, this is not luxury shopping, but the payoff is the price and quality of the food.

Find a Super King Near You!

If you want to find a Super KIng near you, visit their website.

Super King Markets offer a multitude of rotating specials every week, especially as local growing seasons change. 

Check in here to find this week's hottest sales and international foods that might be right for your family or an international speciality for your special occasion. 

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