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85°C: Confectionaires Extroidaniares Turn Up the Heat on Local Bakeries

 We have now sampled the Taiwanese confectionery titans from Chinese dominated Roland Heights, following their migration into New Promise Land, Orange Irvine. 

Read what Cindy Chung has to say about this one. Cindy was born in the cross-racial melting pots of Malaysia and Singapore. 

She speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Haka. Having migrated to the USA 30 years to Monterey Park at the beginning of our Asian immigration explosion, Cindy has a handle on all things Asian.

Keep your eyes peeled for her coming review. I hear its going to be quite complimentary. 

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 Just to  give you a little clue, 85°C's "Master Chef is Henry Chen, Winner of:

  • World Skill Pastry Competition:   Gold Medal
  • Singapore Decorative BreadCompetition: Silver Medal, 2000
  • Singapore Cake Competition: Silver Medal, 2000

If you just can't wait, go to 85°C's site yourself, and be prepared to salivate (in whatever language you choose!)

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