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Why read California Magazine's "Best Places"Guide?

Regional and local newspapers and magazines are dying. Tens of thousands higly schooled writers no longer have a career. You are now guided by sites with the best algorithms of Yelp, Google+, Trip Advisor, etc. These companies do not have a human investment in their reviews and take no responsibility for what they publish. Middle-schoolers, cranks, and reviewers with no knowledge in their field can make or break a business.

California Magazine is bringing the trusted professional researchers, writers, and critics back.

We cannot say we do not read these reviews - we do. But, we are professionals in our given fields who are academically trained to recognize the authority, discernablity and balance in a writer's repritoire. To sift through the chaff and recognize the gems. And if you are a discerning reader you will find it VERY DIFFICULT to encounter writers who "know their stuff" and ground their work not only in their own opinion but in research as well as experience.

Reviews about the BEST by the BEST

California's Best Places is an end product of decades of reporting manned by individuals who have a deep understanding about their given area.

Our senior editorial staff is comprised of highly educated individuals, most with M.A.'s or Ph.D's. For us, nforming the public is an act of education, and a labor of love.

Advertisement Free

In this day of "pay to play" where our local and regional magazines that still survive write stories only about places that pay to advertise in their publications In the Southern California region you can look at the Claremont Courier, Orange Coast Magazine and Inland Empire Magazine as prime examples.

When you read a "rave review" in these publications, most likely it is because that establishment is advertising somewhere in their pages. 

Because we are "ad-free" we have the editiorial freedom to give you a fair and equitable reporting unswayed by the dollar bill, much like you would find in a publication such as Consumer Reports.

Culling pre-existing Data, Reviews, Websites, Social Media & Publications

With over a million places you can go in California, we have a department that culls pre-existing write-ups of various places throughout our west coast. In this edition, primarily Orange County, with a stretch - here or there - to a place within an hour or two.

These are our primary researchers who do the human work of judging which write-ups not our own carry scholarly weight and educated discernment. 

Even with our lighter fair, we read everything we can about a place in every publication possible to come up with our recommendation.

California's Best Places as an Aggregate of all Publications


If we haven't gotten there yet, we will give you a link to those exact articles (and, yes, Yelp, Google+, TripAdvisor, etc. do have some very worthy pieces.)

We will also link you to other intriguing reviews written by Zagat, Wine Spectator, Time Out for FOOD & WINE.

We also cull the pages of all local and regional publications, giving you their ratings and their specific links so you can read for yourself. 

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid

Our policy is to take our time and thoroughly investigate whatever we cover. We read about it, experience it, compare notes, etc. before we ever write a piece. This way you will only read about the creme-de-la-creme of what California has to offer. 

Each of our Guides focus on one isolated region to offer you a broad array of experiences in a given location.